Page Mill Strategy Group

Operational Upgrades

Helping Your Business Scale

Pinpoint the real problem - it may not be what it looks like.

Identify fundamental causes.

Focus on the interactions between groups.

Objective Situation Assessment  

Assess the current way things are done.

Identify what is not working and its root cause.

Formalize, document as necessary.

Business Process Redesign

Our philosophy

You must become more process-oriented and more formal about how you do things.

- But just enough.

- Too much is harmful

"As informal as possible, as formal as needed"

Dealing with growth  

Growth brings complexity.  

To scale, you have to do things differently.

- Organization structure

- Business processes

- IT inrastructure

- People selection and training


Multiple Divisions Multiple Geographies

Growth means things become more complex

More Moving Parts

More Coordination Required

Understand the options

Understand the requirements for execution

Understand your people's capabilities.

Identify key cultural aspects at work.

Organization Restructuring

We help you upgrade your organization's structure and business processes to succeed at the next level.